Event Information

15 July 2023

Event Information

15 July 2023

The Venue

Manor House Venue, Sheffield Beach, Dolphin Coast, 4420, South Africa​

Dress Code


In July, temperatures range between 25°C and 12°C.


Kindly reply by the 31st of May 2023!

wedding giftS

Sharing our wedding day with you is enough of a gift!

We are blessed to have all we need and more however, we are in the process of saving for a home of our own. If you would like to contribute to either our future home or our honeymoon fund, you may do so through the link below. 


Kindly reply by the 31st of May 2023!

Things to do in Ballito


Accommodation is not available at the venue, however, we have made a block reservation at Petite Provence B&B for the 14th and 15th of July. Please contact them directly to make a booking and inform them you are attending the «Andersen Wedding».

 We recommend that you book accommodation in Ballito or surrounding areas such as Salt Rock, Shaka’s Rock, Sheffield Beach, Zimbali or Simbithi. You may also find accommodation in Umhlanga, a larger town, situated about 39km (35min) from the Manor House Venue and about 31km (25min) from Ballito centre. 


King Shaka Intl. Airport is:
• 20km (22min) from central Ballito
• 28 km (30min) from the Venue


Book using app. (Pay via card or cash).

King Shaka Airport Shuttle

Not just for airport rides, can pick you up / take you anywhere in Ballito and surrounding areas.

+27 (0) 74 790 7505

Dolphin Coast Tourist Services
Offers taxis, but also tours and packages around the wider Durban area.
083 431 2749

Ballito Shuttle Service
Standard taxi services in and around Ballito.
083 697 9761

Umhlanga Cabs

031 561 1846 / 082 454 1577

Umhlanga Coastal Cabs

083 585 6707


South Africa is a beautiful and vibrant country, however, there is unfortunately a lot of crime. As our guests, we want you to be as safe as possible at all times.

To help with your safety, we recommend the following:

  1. Watch out for your personal belongings such as mobile phones and wallets. 
  2. If possible, try to travel in groups rather than alone.
  3. Avoid remote places in the evenings.
  4. Do not give money to the beggers at traffic lights etc.
  5. Ubers and taxis are generally safe, however, it is not a bad idea to share your location with someone else. 

The south african ways

  1. «Howzit» is a greeting, short form of «Hello, how are you?».
  2. Driving is on the left. A «circle» is a roundabout and a «robot» is a traffic light.
  3. At a petrol station, DO NOT attempt to fill the car youself or you will have some angry workers. Inform the attendent how much you want filled and if you would like your windows cleaned. It is custom to give them a tip (R20). 
  4.  You may or may not tip car guards when at a shopping centre etc. Small amounts are fine (R10).
  5. It is custom to leave a 12% tip at restuarants. Many workers rely on tips as a form of income.